Saturday, February 13, 2016

5 Things to do this Summer!


Listen to the roar of the Tahquamenon Falls The second largest falls this side of the Mississippi, the Tahquamenon Upper Falls has a 5o foot drop across a span of 200 feet.  The Lower Falls has a series of five smaller falls and an island that temporarily divides the river.  Paddle a canoe to the island and experience the lower falls much as the first people did hundreds of years ago.  Tahquamenon Falls State Park Website

Snorkel a one hundred year old shipwreck.  Check out the GPS coordinates through the Underwater Preserve website; the cold waters increase visibility from 20 to 150 feet.  Lake Superior is the coldest of the Great Lakes, you might prefer stopping at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and uncover their diver’s discoveries.

Hike the North Country Trail, Michigan’s Iron Belle Starting along the Tahqua Trail Road you could hike to the Lower Falls, enjoy your packed lunch, continue to the Upper Falls and then enjoy a brew at Camp 33.  Breath taking in all four seasons, elevated pathways and clear trail markings make this section of the North Country Trail and landmark experience.  Make your plans by visiting Michigan’s interactive Trail Map.


Photograph a Downy Woodpecker or one of hundreds of other species from one of the many platforms built on and around Whitefish Point or the walk the shoreline.  Join one of the many planned programs at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory or the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Whitefish Point Unit.

Paddle the Tahquamenon or one of many inland lakes and streams or venture along Lake Superior’s East Water Trail
There is nothing quite like the pristine waters of the Eastern Upper Peninsula.  If you are unsure of where to put in or where to begin, we recommend reaching out to Ken Orlong with The Woods, Tahquamenon Canoe and Kayak Rentals.  If desired they can set you up with a guide taking away all of concerns about paddling in unfamiliar territory. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Things to Do in February to Experience Michigan's Paradise

Listen to the Tahquamenon Falls It is a less than half a mile walk from the parking lot to the Tahquamenon Upper Falls. Many snowmobilers park their ride and walk to the falls. There are heated restrooms near the parking lot. The site is breathtaking, the noise as you approach is deafening in the quiet of the forest. On your return to the parking lot, stop at the brewery, Camp 33 for microbrew! Tahquamenon Falls State Park Website

Snowmobile Pristine Groomed Trails The Paradise Area Night Riders are a group of avid snowmobilers that groom some 120 miles of snowmobile trails across this region of the Upper Peninsula. If you don’t have your own sled, there are two snowmobile rental outfits in Paradise. The main thing is to collect your map, water, dress warmly, and enjoy the ride. Check weather and trails conditions on the Michigan Snowmobilers Association website or get the actual scoop locally at

Snowshoe or Cross Country SkiThe Paradise area offers a number of groomed trails for snowshoeing or cross-country ski use, quiet trials. Connecting with Michigan’s Iron Belle, the Tahqua Trail section of North Country Trail offers incredible vistas of the Tahquamenon River. Just west of Paradise on the Tahquamenon Scenic Heritage Byway, is the Paradise Pathways. The Tahquamenon Falls State Park offers both groomed and less traveled trails. Hike a short distance and plan overnight camping, but for the health of it, get out and enjoy the beauty of the Paradise area. Through February on Saturdays, the Tahquamenon Falls State Park offers guided snowshoe hikes at 2:00 PM and Lantern Lit Cross-Country trails Saturday evenings.

Sled Dog Rides Nature’s Kennel Sled Dog Racing and Adventures offers sled dog rides and adventures at their kennel just a short drive from Paradise, in McMillan, Michigan. As the dogs run in unison, sit back and relax as you take a peaceful trip through the winding trails. What a great time for the entire family. Relax and enjoy the ride, or learn how to mush, Natures Kennel offers you an experience of the lifetime for you entire family.

Guided Horseback Rides through the northern wood trails during the winter months is a experience of a lifetime. Wild Ridge Riding Stables offers weekend rides only by reservations and if weather conditions are safe. Give them a call to set up your itinerary at 906-492-3213. Like most of the winter activities listed, final plans will be contingent to weather conditions.